Use Cases

Security for new devices

TalaSecure has a unique three-stage process to build security to IoT devices ground up. They are:

  • Pre-manufacturing phase: Install packages on the device based on the embedded OS and chip set. TalaSecure package provides key provisioning through a agent that resides on the device. Device firmware is signed and encrypted.

  • Manufacturing phase: TalaSecure manufacturing utility easily integrated into factory software to enable production key and signed firmware injection.

  • Deployment phase: TalaSecure Security server enables auto installation of devices in the field with no touch deployment. Devices can be securely:

    • Tracked and monitored

    • Upgraded for new firmware

    • Device analytics for intrusion detection

    • Remote field diagnostics


Security for legacy devices

TalaSecure can upgrade security of field devices without recall. Devices that need security upgrade should have connectivity using cellular platform (3G/4G LTE).


Legacy 2.png

We build security in, not an afterthought